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*Based on redatum data for 2023 TRREB stats for sales in E01/E02/E03 combined.

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Step 1: Understand Your Goals & Timing

No two sales are identical and real estate is as much about helping people as it is selling homes.  So, it is important that the sales team at Grace & Co. understand why your are selling, what your goals are and what your preferred timeline is.  You could be moving up to your forever home, rightsizing to a space that better fits your current needs, leaving Toronto or selling an income property. All will require a different approach uniquely tailored to you and your goals.


Step 2: Determine a Listing Price

Knowing where to price your home is one of the most important parts of the selling process. When you set a fair price in the beginning, you’ll get the most interest from other real estate agents and prospective buyers. Overpricing your home often leads to reduced interest, eventual price reductions and a sales prices that is lower than if it was priced properly from the start - not to mention the added stress. Working with a team of real estate agents who are active in your area, and with the price point of your home, will result in the most accurate pricing of your home as they have their fingers on the pulse of the market. Grace & Co. is always calculated with our pricing strategies and we don't buy listings with inflated valuations.


Step 3: Identify Best Market Timing

After our team understands your goals and prefered timeline, we will discuss the seasonality of the Toronto real estate market with you to ensure that your timing aligns with the best times of year to sell your home. If it doesn't, and you have flexibility, we will guide you to listing at a time that is more preferable to achieve your goals.  If your timing is set in stone, we will work diligently to get you the most money for your home at that time.


Step 4: Identifying & Managing Strategic Improvements

For many Torontonians, selling their primary residence is the largest tax-free event of their life so maximizing the return through the highest sale price possible is of utmost importance.  Grace & Co. recognizes this and assists homeowners through our "Designed to Sell" program.  Our in-house Design Manager acts as your own interior designer and project manager, free of charge.  They will identify easy ways to add value to your home and through our extensive network of trades, quote & manage the entire project for you.  These projects can range from fixing broken screen doors to a fresh coat of paint and all the way up to new kitchens & bathrooms.

Visit out Designed to Sell gallery to view a sample of Before & Afters

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Step 5: Time to Stage Your Home

In this world of HGTV shows and designer Instagram feeds, buyers want to walk into a home and immediately fall in love - not just with the home but with the lifestlye they see themselves living inside those walls.  Our Design Team creates a bespoke plan for each home that can range from simply filling in the gaps in your current furnishings to outfiting an entire home's worth of furniture, art & accessories.

Visit our staging gallery to view a sample of Before & Afters


Step 6: World Class Multimedia

In a world of online shopping, how your home presents to it's potential buyers through their screen is right up there with accurate pricing.  We work with the industry's top multimedia companies to create stunning images & videos and pair them with a storytelling style listing description that has buyers wanting to book an appointment immediately.


Step 7: Implementing a Marketing Plan

We will develop a marketing strategy that is perfect for advertising your home. This involves listing the home and then driving the right people to that listing through social media campaigns, agent-to-agent referrals, traditional media, or SEO advertising. Our team creates a marketing campaign that aims to get the most possible traffic to your listing within the first week of listing your home for sale.


Step 8: Negotiating a Favourable Sale

This is it.  Understanding your goals, strategizing your timing, making strategic improvements and professionally staging your home then having industry leading multimedia produced and marketed to buyers was all meant to bring you to this point: receiving an offer. While all of the work to this point was meant to increase a buyer's opinion of the value of your home, it's in these moments that Grace & Co. shines. We are a generational real estate team who loves to negotiate and never leaves money on the table.


Step 9: The Close

You have accepted an offer and are now very close to the end of your selling journey. While it is the role of your real estate lawyer to formally transfer ownership of your home on the closing date, the team at Grace & Co. is here from the moment we sell your home to the moment the sale closes - and beyond.  Our Client Care Concierge is a call away to assist with anything that may make your life easier from sale to close.

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