Woodbine Gardens

When you drive through Woodbine Gardens with its hills and dales and winding and sloping crescents it is easy to envision the fact that this neighbourhood was once an attractive golf course. The wonderful geography of the Woodbine Gardens neighbourhood is further complemented by Taylor Creek Park which wraps itself around the southern reaches of this neighbourhood.

History of Woodbine Gardens

The Woodbine Gardens neighbourhood is located on the former site of the Woodbine Golf and Country Club which operated at this location during the 1930’s. The Woodbine clubhouse was situated where Glenwood Crescent is today.

In 1932 the Woodbine Bridge was built across the Don Valley Ravine at a cost of two hundred and seventy five thousand dollars. This bridge paved the way for the future development of Woodbine Gardens. The first house built in this neighbourhood was the Mary Pickford Bungalow situated at 90 Glenwood Crescent. This house was built in 1943 to raise money for the Canadian war effort. A raffle was held for the Pickford bungalow with tickets selling for only $1.00 a share. Mary Pickford, the Toronto-born Hollywood screen star, donated her time and money to this patriotic cause.

The building of the Woodbine Gardens subdivision in the early 1950’s was a major engineering feat. Water courses had to be rerouted underground and 500,000 cubic yards of soil were removed in order to level many of the hills in this area. Woodbine Gardens houses which originally sold for between $14,000 and $19,000.

The Woodbine Bridge is one of Toronto’s largest bridges. It measures eight hundred and ten feet long and forty-six feet wide.

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