South Annex

The South Annex is a vibrant and colourful downtown Toronto neighbourhood. Much of the South Annex’s vitality comes from being located right next door to the University of Toronto.

Naturally, many University students, faculty, and alumni rent or own houses in the South Annex. The University population mixes well with the young urban professionals who have been buying and fixing up South Annex houses, giving these old houses new life, and in the process revitalizing this historic Toronto neighbourhood.


History of South Annex

The South Annex neighbourhood was subdivided in the early 1850’s, on land formerly owned by the Jarvis, Crookshank and Denison families; all of whom played a prominent role in the history of Toronto.

Advertisements promoting Villa and Town lots for sale in the South Annex highlighted ” the close proximity to the locality of the new Parliament Buildings”. The South Annex was also popularly described as being “situated in the most healthy and pleasant part of the City upon a considerable elevation above the Lake”.

The establishment of the University of Toronto just east of here, in the late 1850’s, provided the impetus for the building of homes in the South Annex, which took place largely between the 1870’s and early 1900’s.

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