Regal Heights

The Regal Heights neighbourhood is situated on the western crest of the Davenport escarpment. This neighbourhood has many distinguishing characteristics including very large turn of the century houses, winding tree- lined streets, and an elevation atop the Davenport escarpment that offers many home owners unparalleled views of the Toronto skyline.


History of Regal Heights

Regal Heights was settled in 1818, by an Irishman from Tipperary County, by the name of Bartholomew Bull. Bull was responsible for building Davenport Road, which was originally known as “Bull’s Road”.

Bulls’ second house, built in 1830, was called “Springmount”. This was the first brick building in York Township, and as such was considered quite a novelty in its early years. Springmount was descriptively named after a water course that once meandered down the Davenport escarpment in front of the Bulls’ homestead.

Springmount remained in the possession of the Bull family until the estate was sold to developers in 1910. The Springmount name has been perpetuated in Springmount Avenue, which is one of the signature streets in the Regal Heights neighbourhood.

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