Hillcrest is a mature established neighbourhood with quiet tree-lined streets and whimsical looking houses, that make you feel as if you are far away from the bright lights of the big city.

The distinguishing feature of Hillcrest is its location perched on the ridge of the Davenport escarpment. The rich topography of this area has resulted in some of the prettier streets in Toronto.


History of Hillcrest Village

Hillcrest was first settled in the 1840’s by Robert John Turner, a reformer from England. The Turner house, named “Bracondale”, stood where Hillcrest Park is today.

By 1884, a small village grew up on the edge of the Turner estate, at the intersection of Christie and Davenport. This settlement became known as Bracondale Village. The Village consisted mostly of farmers and a few stores. Its first postmaster was Frank Turner, the son of Robert Turner.

In 1909, Bracondale Village was annexed by the City of Toronto. Shortly thereafter, Frank Turner’s heirs subdivided the Bracondale estate and turned it into an exclusive subdivision named ” Bracondale Hill Park”.

The Turner family retained ownership of the Bracondale house until 1937, when it was sold to the City and demolished in order to make room for Hillcrest Park.

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