Christie Pits

Christie Pits is one of Toronto’s most vibrant multicultural neighbourhoods. It has historically been a transitional home for immigrants upon their arrival to Toronto. However, as Christie Pits continues to mature and prosper, more people are choosing to stay here rather than move to the suburbs. This stability bodes well for the future of the Christie Pits neighbourhood.


History of Christie Pits

The Christie Pits neighbourhood is named after the former Christie Sand Pits, that were a local landmark in this area until the early 1900’s. Christie Street is named after William Mellis Christie, who co-founded the Christie & Brown Cookie Company, in downtown Toronto in 1861.

The Christie Sand Pits were rich in sand, gravel, and clay deposits – remnants of the last ice age. These deposits were excavated in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s, and used in the construction of many of Toronto’s early roadways and public buildings.

By 1909, the Christie Sand Pits were depleted and the city turned the former quarry into Willowvale Park. However, the Christie Pits name has endured and is used in reference to the park and the surrounding neighbourhood to this day.

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