The buzz around town is that Toronto’s very own rap superstar, Drake, is on the move.

The 6,600 square foot condo at the swanky 1 St. Thomas Residences is a large 2 bedroom + den.  Features of this Yorkville abode include two heated terraces, 3 bathrooms, walnut flooring, a double sided fireplace, chef’s kitchen and 2 car parking.

Contrary to what some may imagine, the interior design of this hip-hop star’s pad is very tastefully designed.  There seems to be an array of Restoration Hardware furniture mixed with a beautiful map of Canada bookshelf, hotel inspired window coverings his very own barber shop chair.

Just last year, Drake sold his 2 Miami condos – one of which served as the set to DJ Kahled’s “I’m on One” music video.

So this leaves us wondering; if Drake started from the bottom, where’s he heading?  To California, of course!

Best of luck with the sale, Drake.

Drake's Yorkville Condo 2

Drake's Yorkville Condo 3

Drake's Yorkville Condo 4

Drake's Yorkville Condo 5

Drake's Yorkville Condo 6

Drake's Yorkville Condo 7

Drake's Yorkville Condo 8

Drake's Yorkville Condo 9
Photo Credit: MLS. Kudos to Buzz Buzz Home for breaking the story.

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  1. Wonder if he’s going to keep a small spot in TO or if he’s leaving us for good?

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