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Our clients had lived in, and loved, this home for 19 years. But 2 children and a large dog later, they were in search of a detached home where everyone could have their own bedroom.

One of the seller’s mother was previously a successful Realtor in Toronto, so they knew that they had one chance at a first impression with buyers.

In came our design team – with a focus on updating the kitchen, showing the partially finished basement as a space buyers could envision being comfortable using as a recreation room and re-purposing the bedrooms.  The two children shared a large second floor addition as their bedroom, with a tandem play space, while the parents used the smaller of the two bedrooms.  Knowing that many buyers of this home would likely only have 1 child, we created a large master suite at the back, with a walk-through den and showed that two children could comfortably share the front room.

The result… After 6 days on the market, and many attempted bully offers, the home was viewed online nearly 9,000 times, translating into 81 booked viewings and 16 buyers who presented great offers!

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