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Nine years before we sold this home, we helped our clients purchase it.  At that time, there was something special about the house that spoke not only to our clients but to us.  The layout and design flowed so well.  Fast forward 9 years and some of the finishes were looking old when compared with many newly built homes around it.  So, we implemented the usual paint job to lighted the home up, an updated lighting package to modernize the feel and a full staging package.  But, we were able to get the clients to buy into two slightly more involved updates that we felt would really update the feel of the home… Firstly, we had all of the natural wood spindles on the staircases replaced with a modern square profile and painted white.  Secondly, we had the stone on the main floor fireplace painted out white.  That last one was controversial but are we ever glad the clients trusted us.  The feedback we got from buyers was amazing and we sold this home for a fantastic price!

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