Geoff Grace

Sales Representative
  • Geoff, Thank you for your professionalism and enthusiasm!! The level of service we received for this house, well as our first house, was more than ... what we could have hoped for. With your planning, and team of consultants, we were able to focus our energy and time incredibly effectively. As a result, what could have been a very stressful experience, turned out to be quite pleasant, In addition, we were able to sell our house in four days above our asking price. Good job and all the best!! Read more

    LY & EL

  • Dear Geoff..... I’ve been checking out your website... the most comprehensive one for real estate I have ever seen! You service every need imaginable - ... home purchasing, rentals, appraisals, temporary accommodations, mortgages, moving services and even home & garden information! Read more


  • Geoff, You’re the best!

    MM @ Relocation Services

  • I just wanted to thank all of you for your efforts over these past several weeks. Geoff - thank you for all of the great suggestions ... for staging the house. Gail - I appreciate your time at the Open House on Sunday. Geoffrey - Your time, advise and knowledge helped me get through this process a little easier! Read more

    Meghan Henderson

  • Geoff, Thanks for the timely information.... you’ve always been there when it counts...thanks...


Meet Geoff Grace Geoff is social!

Geoff is an Ottawa native who has lived in Toronto for over forty years. His long history of sales experience began prior to selling real estate when he owned and operated multiple magazines, including a publication entitled – appropriately – Home Owners. Geoff has held national and international sales management positions with companies such as The Globe and Mail, Reader’s Digest, and Marketing Magazine. Previously, he owned Advertising Marketing Group, a company dedicated to selling advertising for multiple medium-sized magazines.

After a lengthy and successful career in the publishing business, Geoff was ready to forego stressful international travel requirements. He set his sights on joining his wife, Gail, in the development of her real estate sales business. His negotiating skills left him well equipped for his new career selling Toronto homes and have proven a key asset to his clients.

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