Gail Grace

Sales Representative
  • Gail’s honesty and candor caused us to select her over numerous other agents we had contact with. As it turned out we hit the market ... dead on and the house sold in just six days for exactly the price we wanted. Read more


  • Gail, Thank you for taking the time to send me information and answer my questions....I really appreciate your time and effort. You seem like a wonderful, ... honest person to work with... Read more


  • Regarding Service, I feel that Gail had our interests in mind at all times. She understood our objectives surrounding the sale of our house and ... helped us overcome specific obstacles that were potential barriers to our transaction. Gail worked with us to determine a strategy for maximizing our sale potential. This started with clear and precise direction regarding actions that we had to take to maximize the presentation of our house. Following this, Gail put together a comprehensive marketing plan that stemmed from our strategy. This plan was executed very well from on line and physical presentation documents to open houses and sales networking in showing the house. The experience was neither intrusive to our lives nor encumbering on our time. Our final sales were the finishing touch. With multiple offers and a final sale price of 13% over asking, we were quite pleased. Read more


  • From the first time we met with Gail to begin looking at houses to the time we signed the deal on our dream home with ... Geoff was precisely one week and ten minutes. They took our list of what we needed in a house seriously, and didn’t waste a moment of our time. But above all, they walked us through the entire purchase process, and helped two totally clueless first time buyers win in a bidding war. // Gail & Geoff are not only professional, but extremely personable. They put us as ease throughout an incredibly stressful week, and were there to constantly answer our flood of questions and worries. We recommend them to anyone who wants their home buying experience to be relaxed, informative, and believe it or not – fun! Read more

    Cynthia Gould & Michael Bryant

  • Dear Gail and Geoff: O.K. So here's my story in the adventure of real estate. It starts out very badly, but has a very happy ... ending, thanks to Gail and her husband, Geoff. After interviewing several agents, we listed our home in the Beach(es) with another agent. She was very charming, and we had seen her signs everywhere. As well, she gave us a higher price than the other agents, and showed us the paperwork to substantiate it, explaining to us that she would work harder to get us our price because she took each listing as if it were her own, and other agents were just looking for a fast turnaround. We listed in the fall of 2005, and she thought it would sell very fast. This was very important to us. We weren't just moving to another house, we were leaving the country as soon as we could sell our house. After many years of saving and planning, we were taking a very early retirement, and after many years of searching, we had purchased land in Mexico, near the shore of a lake. It was our dream for many years to do this and build a house there. It had taken a tremendous amount of effort and research, but finally it was within our reach! All we had to do was sell our house. No problem, it's the Beaches, right? Well to make a long and extremely painful experience very brief, it didn't work out. Along the way there were many untruths, false information, bad advice and incompetence from both the agent, broker, and support staff of this outfit. On three occasions, agents with their buyers walked into our house and surprised us because the lockbox combination was given out and no appointment made. Adverts printed with another house picture in local papers, ads with the wrong price etc. Feedback was non existent, except when they wanted us to lower our price. It seemed to us that this was her tactic...start high, reel them in, and then push for markdowns to the price the home should have been in the first place. We also discovered that she was not liked at all by many of the local agents, and this had a predictably negative impact on our showings etc. Perhaps this company should have stayed strictly in the insurance business. We even went on a reality show "Take This House and Sell It" (episode #60). Take This House and Sell It provided us with the neutral decor that our agent had told us wasn't necessary. Again she was wrong. I have gone into this in a minor way to illustrate our frame of mind by the end of this process. For nine months we kept our home in ready-for-showing condition. Many agents and their buyers came and went. Finally, enough was enough. I'm convinced that had we not been so busy and distracted with the process of immigration, preparing to move our goods long distance ourselves with no moving company involved, crossing not one, but two international borders with our two cats, the language barrier, etc., we would have not stuck with her so long. We discussed selling our land in Mexico, and forgetting the whole thing....years of dreams gone. We did not want to list with another agent, so painful was the whole experience. When Gail Grace, of Royal LePage, listed our house, she had taken on two extremely angry and frustrated clients. She came in, approved our now neutral decor, and did her best to reassure us. She listened to us, gave us the straight facts, no fantasy lines, and set to work. This was not easy for her, or us. We were hopelessly stale-dated by this point, and the spring market 2006, was history. For our part, we took all of her advice and implemented the changes she asked for, even if we didn't want to do them. She properly repriced the house. I cannot tell you how worried and discouraged and tired we were. We had to trust her and at that point it was almost impossible to trust another agent. Gail treated us with the utmost respect and understanding. I believe she truly cares. She immediately set about trying to restore our faith in the selling process. She was business like and a true professional in an industry we found to be sorely lacking. She is well liked and respected by her peers. Believe me, I checked. She never hit us with negative input to try to get us to lower our price, a tactic our previous agent had employed. Gail is a confident lady. Everything she did was executed well and correctly, with attention to detail and forethought. We got feedback very promptly. Her broker and the office support staff were great, too. In about four weeks the house sold for about 98% of asking. Excellent, especially given that we had been so stale-dated, and we were now into the summer months. After the house was sold Gail didn’t just disappear. She followed through in any way she could help. What a complete and total change from our first agent. How we wish we had hired Gail in the first place. We would have avoided all that negativity and not lost nine months to frustration. We are very, very happy with our new life, building our home in Mexico. Gail and her husband Geoff were a part of making that happen. They worked hard to make it work. If we were ever to return we would not hesitate to have Gail find us a new home in the Beach. We have told Gail and Geoff that we would love to see them come down for a holiday. We hope to see them here. Best regards... Read more

    Tony & Penny Targa

Meet Gail Grace

Gail’s career in real estate sales began in 1989.  After leaving her position in the medical industry to raise two children, Gail sought a new path that could be both personally and professionally rewarding.  Her interpersonal skills were a perfect fit for the face-to-face business of residential real estate sales. She flourished early in her career.

Gail’s knowledge of Toronto’s finest neighbourhoods is unparalleled. She’s experienced selling homes in both bull and bear real estate markets – there isn’t a situation she hasn’t encountered.  Her industry relationships with other longstanding Toronto-based realtors prove beneficial on a daily basis. Gail’s experience, market knowledge, and strong ties throughout the Toronto real estate community are key assets she brings to her clients.

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