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Buy Yourself a Home for Christmas – Save $31,000! | Comments Off on Buy Yourself a Home for Christmas – Save $31,000!

What does he/she want for Christmas? Hatchimal, what’s a hatchimal and where do I find a hatchimal? Ugh, my favourite dress doesn’t fit and our holiday party is tomorrow night! Who’s going to look after the dog while we go to grandma’s for Christmas? There is a lot on people’s minds this type of year […]

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You Can Afford a Toronto Income Property! pt.1 | Make a comment

You may agree that buying an income property is a great idea.  You save up for a down payment, buy a home and rent it out.  The tenants pay for  your expenses, provide you with a monthly profit and, at the end of the day, you own a home and only ever had to pay […]

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CaRMs Match Day is here! | Make a comment

Today, I woke up without a worry (mostly because I am on a short 4 night vacation with my wife – without our lovely little kids). But for many across Canada, today was a BIG day. For hundreds of medical students, they have spent the past 4 years of their life training to serve an […]

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Toronto Townhomes see 14.5% price growth! | Make a comment

Townhomes offer an attractive lifestyle that is increasingly attracting varying types of buyers and has fuelled tremendous price growth over the last year.  As noted in the January edition of the Toronto Real Estate Board’s Market Watch, the price of townhomes in Toronto has risen by 14.5% year-over-year.  That’s more than double the price increase of semi-detached […]

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Who sells the most luxury real estate in Toronto? | Make a comment

If someone asked you which real estate company sells the most luxury homes in Toronto, I wouldn’t blame you if you chose a brand other than Re/Max.  You see, other companies have done a great job at promoting themselves as luxury brokers – but numbers don’t lie.  While the other real estate companies have been […]

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Toronto Real Estate Update: Which neighbourhoods are hot, so far in 2013? | Make a comment
Toronto's Top Performing Neighbourhoods Summer 2013

According to Re/Max, affordability remains as the strongest driver of residential housing in the Toronto market for the first half of 2013.  If you are looking for the neighbourhoods with the highest gains, look no further than neighbourhoods East & West of the central core – where single-detached homes posted the best overall performances. “While […]

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